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Conditions of carriage under air travel tickets relating to the limits of liability of the carrier for death or personal injury are subject to the provisions of Warsaw Convention.
Freight is strictly carried on space availability basis.
The Airline does not accept any liability for direct orcarriage, the Company’s liability insurance is limited to a maximum of $2 per kg. (Subject to change without notice).
FLYSOM AIRLINE undertakes every effort to carry the passenger and baggage with intention to accommodate particular times as stated for the commencement and completion of carriage.
FLYSOM AIRLINE may, without prior notice, substitute carriers or aircraft and may or may not omit the stopping place previously agreed upon.
No liability whatsoever is accepted towards passengers, heirs, dependants or any persons in respect of death, injury, sickness, damage or loss whether sustained while embarking, on board the aircraft during the flight and or disembarking. Any exclusion or limitation of liability of carrier shall apply to, and be for the benefit of agents, servants and representative of the carrier. This relates to any other person/s/subcontracted whose aircraft is utilized by the carrier.
FLYSOM AIRLINE provides the services of the following aircrafts; CRJ 100 and Fokker 50. There are some restrictions caused due to the size and type of aircraft. In particular, some bags may be affected due to size.
FLYSOM AIRLINE reserves the right to use any type of aircraft on any route.
General terms and conditions for FLYSOM AIRLINE customers may printed and copied from our website (
 Tariffs are subject to change without prior notice.
All claims must be submitted in writing, to the company within 24 hours from the time of occurrence. In case of any and legal dispute, the Laws of Somalia will dominate and will be heard at the Court of Law in Somalia.
for any event to be received in writing by the company within 24 hours from its occurrence. In case of dispute the Court of Law is Somalia.
No Agent, servant or representative, of the carrier has the authority to modify or waive any provision of this contract.
FLYSOM AIRLINE is an independent airline and operates to selected destinations.
FLYSOM AIRLINE accepts no responsibility towards flight cancellation, postponements, diverting or returning to the operations base due to adverse weather, bad runway conditions or any reasons beyond our control.
FLYSOM AIRLINE accepts no responsibility or any extra cost raised due to delays, preventing the connection onto other carriers/airlines.

Conduct on board Aircraft

  • FLYSOM AIRLINE does not provide alcohol on board the aircraft. Passengers are not permitted to bring food items on board.
  • All flights are non-smoking. Passengers should note that smoking is prohibited necessary measures will be taken to stop any customer from infringing on this policy.
  • For safety reasons we forbid or limit the operation aboard the aircraft of electronic equipment including but not limited to mobile telephones, laptop computers, personal recorders, personal radios, MP3 cassette, CD players and electronic games or transmitting devices such as radio-controlled toys and walkie-talkies.
  • The use of hearing aids and heart pacemakers are permitted.
  • If as a result of your behavior we divert the aircraft to an unscheduled place or destination and make you leave the aircraft you must pay us FLYSOM AIRLINE the reasonable and proper costs of the diversion.

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