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Baggage Allowance Policy

Flysom Airline.

Flysom Airline Baggage Allowance Policy

  • ALLOWANCE IS Checked baggage-BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE IS 20KGS for ADULTS and 10KGS for CHILDREN under 12 years inclusive of cabin carry-ons.
  • Please avoid metal suitcases with pointed sharp edges.
  • Hand baggage will be allowed in the cabin at cabin crew discretion.
  • Excess Baggage will be charged at $2 per Kilogram (subject to change without notice). Excess baggage will not be guaranteed on the same flight as this will depend on the load factor of the flight.

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The Airline does not accept any liability for direct orcarriage, the Company’s liability insurance is limited to a maximum of $2 per kg. (Subject to change without notice).
Freight is strictly carried on space availability basis.
What other services are you compatible with?
FLYSOM AIRLINE provides the services of the following aircrafts; CRJ 100 and Fokker 50. There are some restrictions caused due to the size and type of aircraft. In particular, some bags may be affected due to size.

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